5 Simple Steps to Younger Looking Skin

Learn the 5 must-have products that will slow down the aging process.

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    Toni B. LaHaye

    Esthetician and Owner of LaHaye Skincare and Face Forward skincare.

    About me...

    I'm a licensed skin care expert with 14+ years of experience teaching women how to take care of aging skin. I love educating women on skin care and how to build an age management plan that reduces fine lines, wrinkles, pore size and ultimately gives you overall younger looking skin allowing you to put your best Face Forward!

    You will learn...

    • How to build a simple skincare routine using active ingredients that deliver results.
    • Myths and Facts about some of your favorite products and why using a moisturizer everyday isn't doing you any favors.
    • The difference between over-the-counter (OTC) skincare and Medical Grade.
    • How to incorporate home care treatments into your routine when you're too busy to see a professional monthly.
    • What age you should begin an anti-aging routine.